Registration Form Support


THE “JotForm” Form building software is designed to be compatible with all operating systems and browser platforms. There are some issues that will cause a Form to fail to display or complete properly.

Your software should be current and up to date. Most issues with Form failure to display or complete properly are caused by out of date browser software or browser add-ons. Updating your browser software and clearing the browser cookies and cache usually solves most problems. If one browser does not work for some reason (e.g. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc), you may find that using a different browser will work.

“JotForm” Forms should be compatible with both iPhone and Android mobile devices. The few issues we have had with mobile devices are failure of PayPal submissions to complete the Form transaction. This seems to be an issue related to PayPal or to mobile device setup restrictions.

On “Submission” of the Form, when the Form redirects to the PayPal Portal, you will have the option to “Sign In” to your PayPal Account or to “Proceed as a Guest” using a credit card for payment. If you do not have a PayPal account or do not wish to use your PayPal account, simple “Proceed as a Guest”.

If you experience problems using a mobile device to fill a Form and Register, please attempt to complete the Form on a computer.